How to Use Instagram Stories in Your Creative Business

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Do you use Instagram stories for marketing your business? Would you like to start, but you’re not sure how? This week’s post is for you! In it I’ll cover how to use Instagram stories and ways to use Instagram stories to market your business.

This week I’ve been exploring the use of Instagram stories in my business, and I like it! It’s fun to shoot a video that’s just spontaneous, without a lot of forethought. I also enjoy putting pictures in my stories, because I can write on them and, well, tell the story of my day. I’m not pushing myself to post a story every 24 hours (the shelf life of one story), but I am trying to post a few times a week to keep my chances for engagement up.

If you’d like to use Instagram stories but you’re not sure how to get started, watch the video below! In it, I interviewed my 12-year-old daughter, who has a LOT more social media experience than I do. She’ll explain:

  • how to use Instagram to make stories (we’ll walk you through the tech stuff)
  • ways to use Instagram stories to communicate with your audience
  • what makes an Instagram story fun to watch
  • how long Instagram stories last
  • how to promote your story ahead of time to get more engagement

If I’ve inspired you to use Instagram stories in your business, great – keep reading!

10 ways to use Instagram stories to market your creative business:

  1. Unboxing – if you sell a product, package it up as if to ship it and then unwrap it on camera so people can come close to the experience of actually ordering from you.
  2. Flash sales – Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, so you can use your story to give out a coupon code and when the story is gone, the code is, too!
  3. Behind the scenes – give a tour of your working space, studio, warehouse, etc.
  4. Slice of life – a lot of creative business owners use their stories as a way to showcase their everyday lives, while keeping their regular Instagram feed for business posts. It’s a great way to show the person behind the brand without cluttering up your feed with pictures of your kids or your favorite local coffee shop.
  5. Mini lesson – use Instagram stories to teach something, like a small tutorial or technique.
  6. Demonstration – I’ve seen knitters, for instance, use Instagram stories to show how they knit. Think of something you do regularly in your business and give a quick demonstration of how you do it (like tying ribbon, kneading bread, or writing your name in calligraphy).
  7. Testing, testing – if you have an idea for a product or class you’d like to debut but you aren’t sure if your audience will like it, talk about it in your story and see what kind of reaction you get. Invite people to comment on the story and give you feedback!
  8. Sharing is caring – use your story to showcase someone else’s products that you love. That way you aren’t using your Instagram feed to promote someone else’s work, but you’re still spreading some love in the world by giving a shout-out to a favorite company or maker.
  9. Sneak peeks – the short lifespan of a story means you can use it to show a sneak peek of a new project, like a new fabric line or knitwear design. That way you don’t have to worry about “spoiling” too much before you reveal the big project, but it is a way for people to get a taste of what’s to come.
  10. Q&A – Use a live video (it’s one of the options when you open the stories menu on Instagram) to invite your followers to a q&a session with you. They can ask you all about your business and products that way!


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If you've been wanting to use Instagram stories to market your creative business but you don't know how, here are 10 ways to use Instagram Stories for your business and a tutorial for the tech stuff.

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