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I work as a Virtual Assistant for creative business owners – my specialty is working with people who serve the yarn-loving community, but I also work with clients who are involved in the handmade industry as a whole. I specialize in content: writing, editing, scheduling, and publishing anything that you need to have written for your business. This includes e-mails, newsletters, sales funnels, website pages, course content, ebooks, and blog posts. Read on for a list of the packages I offer.

Jess is the reason my biz has grown 50% every year since I hired her in 2014. – Tara Swiger.



I now cannot imagine trying to run my business without Jess. She is not just a contractor that helps with non-essential items, she is a valued team member that is key to my business’ overall success. – Gwen Bortner,



I trust Jess’s instincts and taste and skills. I’m really a control-freak about my work—and at the same time, I love collaborating. Miraculously, working with Jess accommodates both those sides of me! – Deb Robson,


Full Content Package

If you never want to have to create your business content again, this is the package for you. I’ll create a custom package that meets the needs you have in your business, but this is what it might include:

  • blog posts
  • email newsletters
  • automated email sequences (like online courses or sales funnels)
  • website pages (about, sales pages, etc.)
  • product listings or descriptions
  • social media posts
  • landing pages
  • course materials
  • ebooks or other educational content
  • content upgrades or opt-in bonuses (also called lead magnets)

The Full Content Package starts at $1000/month. Pricing depends upon the quantity and frequency of the content you’d like me to create for you.

Click here to learn more about the Full Content Package


The Partial Content Package

If you don’t produce a lot of content for your business, or you only want to be able to hand off a few tasks, then this is a great package for you. I’ll create a custom package based on your needs, but here’s a list of what it might include:

  • blog posts
  • email newsletters
  • social media (as an add-on to other content creation)
  • system set-up (like creating your email newsletter list for you in the software you choose)
  • website content
  • product listings
  • content calendar creation

This package differs from the Full Content package in that it includes fewer overall content pieces, and might even be the right fit for you if you just have one job you want me to do, rather than ongoing monthly work to outsource.

The Partial Content package starts at $200/month. The price depends upon the quantity and frequency of your content needs.

Click here to learn more about the Partial Content Package.


Content Consultation

If you just need someone to help you figure out your content gaps or a plan for creating your own content, this is for you! This is more of a DIY solution, but with the added bonus of knowing you’re on the right track. We’ll set up a time to talk over Skype (or email, if you prefer!). During our call, we can discuss topics including:

• your content plan and calendar (when, where, and how to create & post content for your business)
• your current content’s strengths and weaknesses (I will analyze what you are currently doing)
• strategies for using content to connect with your customers and turn them into repeat buyers and fans

This is a one-time package, but we can also book more frequent sessions if you’d like regular consultations as you create your own content for your business. This package is $250/session.

Click here to learn more about the Content Consultation


How does it work?

If you think you’d like me to take the content creation tasks in your business off your plate, we can work together to craft a plan to do that! We’ll start with a free call, so that I can get to know your business and determine if I might be able to help you. If not, no worries! I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who can, or point you toward resources that are better suited to your business.

If you decide to work with me, we’ll start with a trial project (something with clear parameters) or a trial time period (usually a month). That way we can get the idea of working together to make sure we’re a good fit, before we make a bigger commitment. I want you to feel good about working with me, and I also want to make sure that working for you is an opportunity for me to do my best – because when I’m working at less than my best, that’s not fair for either of us.

I offer my services in monthly packages, and once we talk I’ll be able to put together a custom package for you, so that you’ll never be surprised by your bill. I’ll set up a regular process of sending you invoices, and you can choose the day of the month you’d like to pay me, to make sure it fits in with your current schedule and budget. We’ll work out the rest of the details during our call, but each month I will deliver the blog posts or newsletters I’ve promised you, so that you won’t ever have to worry about those tasks again.

Are you ready to talk? Click the links above to schedule your free call! (If you prefer, you can also email me:


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