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I have this little twitch I get whenever something’s just a little bit off. It happens when I hear someone go flat while they’re singing the national anthem at a major sporting event. It happens when my son grinds his teeth in his sleep. And it happens most frequently when I read a piece of content from a business owner that has errors in grammar or spelling.

In the past week, I’ve been paying more attention to grammar and spelling in preparation for writing this post, and I can tell you: the problem is HUGE. Bloggers and business owners of all sizes and stages make grammar & spelling mistakes in their copy, and it is a major turn-off.

You might be thinking, “Jess, it’s no big deal. What’s one little error here and there?”

It’s time for some brutal honesty. When I read your website and it has a spelling or grammatical error, here’s what I assume:

You can’t spell.
Technically I know this is a separate skill that has nothing to do with intelligence, but it still bugs the crap out of me and it makes me think less of you.

Your message isn’t important to you.
If it was, you’d have taken the time to proofread your blog post before publishing it, or you’d have hired someone else to do that for you. If you don’t care more about your message, why should I?

Your products are going to suck.
If your sales page is full of errors, how bad is the thing I’m supposed to shell out $500 for going to be?


Maybe I’m more brutal than most because I used to be a high school English teacher, but I can tell you this: I’m not the only former English major in your target audience. I’m also not the only one with a twitch.


If you don’t have time to mess with these details, or you don’t geek out over grammar and spelling like I do, that’s okay!

We can still be friends! And I’ll do you one better – we can work together to make sure that the message you craft is presented in a way that’s worthy of you, your business, and the awesome thing you’re trying to sell.


If you’d like to not have to think about grammar and spelling ever again in your business, fill out the form to tell me about your message, and we’ll talk about how we can craft it together:


And if you prefer a DIY solution, you’re in luck! I’ve put together a FREE Creative Business Owner’s Guide to Grammar and Spelling.

I’m putting on my “teacher hat” and taking you back to English class, but I promise there won’t be a test at the end. In fact, what you will find at the end is an easily printable, one-page cheat sheet that you can hang up by your desk and use whenever you’re writing something for your business!

I don’t want your sales pages and blog posts to be full of errors, so fill out the form below to download your free Grammar & Spelling guidebook to avoid losing customers over something as simple as proofreading:

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