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First Officer’s Library: Tips to Help you Grow Your Business

All About Email Marketing: An epic showdown and a FREE mini-course!

Are you the one doing everything in your business? 

Are you making it ridiculously easy for people to share your work?

Why you should top working so hard to make your brand “cohesive” on social media (FREE download!)

Want more sales? Proofread your content. (Free Grammar Guide included!)

How to build a career out of your weirdness (FREE worksheet!)

How I use MailChimp’s free plan to mimic ConvertKit’s features (FREE list of opt-in ideas!)

Devil’s Advocate Business Advice: Why I hate webinars



On Working with a Virtual Team and Hiring Your First VA

The Control Freak’s Guide to Hiring in your Biz

How to manage taxes when you hire a Virtual Assistant (FREE worksheet & guide!)

Can you afford to hire a Virtual Assistant? (Free worksheet!)

This one’s for the VAs: What’s so great about being a Virtual Assistant?


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