The Control Freak’s Guide to Hiring for your Small Business

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You struggle to let your kids help with dinner because they’re chopping those veggies all wrong. You don’t ask for help when you’re totally overwhelmed with To Dos because that’s just not how you do things. You’re secure in your Big Girl Pants, you know it’s time to suck it up, and you just get your shit done. I see you. I get you. I AM you.

So that’s why I know how hard it can be to hire help in your business. Lemme see if any of these objections ring a bell:

  • I can’t hire someone because it would take WAY too much time to train someone else. I’m too busy for that.
  • Nobody else could possibly understand my business like I do, care about it like I do.
  • My business is ME, how can anyone else run part of that?
  • I’ve got trade secrets to protect!
  • I don’t want someone else messing around in my website.


At a certain point, your objections are just stopping you from succeeding the way you should be. They’re excuses for not growing your business to the next level, because growing is different, and different is scary. It’s easier to wallow in the overwhelming stress of the now than to take the time to figure out what’s next, and to get help for that next step.

It’s easier to complain about your stress than to do something to fix it. (Click here to tweet this!)


The solution to your problem is: Baby Steps.

You don’t have to hand over the keys to the kingdom all in one day. You don’t have to give someone total access and carte blanche authority. You can take this one step at a time, and build your empire brick by brick.

So, fellow control freak, let’s get you ready to hire someone. Here are some tips to help you get started:

How to hire someone when you’re used to being the boss

Focus on the work you hate.
Seriously – you know there are some aspects of your business that you dread. Those things you put off, or you have to bribe yourself to do. Those are the perfect things to hire someone else to do for you! Make a list, right now, of the tasks you really can’t stand. Then (and I know this is harder to admit!), make a list of the tasks you’re not super good at. You’ve just written your job description for your new hire – find someone who can do those tasks, really well, and hire that person.

Give yourself an exit plan.
I always tell people, whether they’re hiring someone or they are the hired person, start off any new working relationship as a trial run. Figure out a project you can hire someone for that has a definite beginning and end, and a way for you to evaluate how well it was done. Or, hire someone for a specific time period, and tell them that at the end of that time period you’re going to step back and evaluate how it’s working for both of you, and either make a plan to improve, make the relationship more permanent, or go your separate ways with no hard feelings.

Hire for personality.
You can teach someone how to rock a blog post, nail an email automation, or update your social media links. You can’t teach someone how to be the type of person you enjoy working with, though, so you should really hire the person you LIKE. If you get along well, then you’ve got a solid foundation for a business relationship.

Find someone who really gets you, and is enthusiastic about helping you build your business. That person will become your #1 biggest asset.


Wanna talk to a fellow control freak about how to get the help you need for your business? Fill out the form below and tell me what you think you need – we’ll figure it out together!

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