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A roundup of all the awesome things I've found this month for creative business owners!
I have the opportunity to work with an amazing line-up of creative business owners. This gives me insider access to the way their businesses work, and it also means I hear about all the awesome projects they’re working on. I got to thinking, maybe YOU would also be interested in […]

What’s Occurring? April 2017

For over four years, I worked as a Virtual Assistant. I always told people I had the best job ever,¬†and now I’ve decided to show YOU how you can have an awesome job like this, too! Some of my favorite things about working as a VA: These were my co-workers: […]

What’s so great about being a Virtual Assistant?

You'd LOVE to hire someone to help you with your one-person business, but how? Isn't that super expensive? Get some answers at
You’re tired, over-worked, getting to a point of burn-out because you’ve been doing it all, all by yourself. You would LOVE to hire someone to help you in your business, but let’s get serious: who can afford that? You’re barely paying yourself! Sound familiar? Let me tell you a little […]

Can you afford to hire a VA?