Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

For over four years, I worked as a Virtual Assistant. I always told people I had the best job ever, and now I’ve decided to show YOU how you can have an awesome job like this, too!

Introducing the “Get Started as a Virtual Assistant” Guidebook!

Get started as a VA


My all-new guidebook will take you through the whole process of setting yourself up for a successful career as a virtual assistant. 

You’ll learn:

  • how to identify not only your marketable skills, but also the hidden talents that will launch you right to the top of your perfect client’s wish list
  • how to craft a VA resume, and figure out which services you want to offer to your prospective clients
  • how to set up your emails so you can manage multiple inboxes
  • how I pay my taxes as a VA
  • how to find your first clients

As a bonus, everyone who purchases the guidebook before May 1 gets access to a FREE Q+A session with me, to answer any questions you have about working as a Virtual Assistant!

If that sounds appealing to you, click the button and purchase Get Started as a Virtual Assistant for just $29!

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Do you wanna learn how to set yourself up for success as a VA?

This guidebook contains everything you need to know to get started!

Got Questions?

How much does the guidebook cost?
The guidebook is $29. When I first started as a VA I was earning $15/hour, and within 18 months I was earning $30/hour. So basically, if you use this guidebook you’ll be able to pay it off with your new VA gig pretty quickly.

Will it teach me  how to get clients?
The guidebook contains resources and information for how to get your first clients. Of course, I can’t go out there and find them for you personally, but I’ve given you an outline of how I got my clients and how you can do the same.

What is the average working day like for a VA?
That varies so much, depending on the VA! When I was a VA, I got up in the morning and did my client work very early, in order to allow me to begin the homeschooling day with my kids at 9:00. Then I’d go back “into the office” (aka, another room in my house) for 1 or 2 afternoons a week. Other VAs work full-time hours, and some only work one day a week! It’s really the kind of job where you can set your own schedule.

Do I need special skills to be a VA?
Not necessarily, but I bet you have some you didn’t even know would help you in this job! (For instance, one of my most valuable skills in my work is the fact that I’m a knitter!) Each employer is going to have a different idea in mind for the skills and education they want a VA to have, but there’s no standard requirement. In general, you should be good with administrative tasks, grammar and spelling, and meeting deadlines. From there, each job is different! We’ll cover all this in much more detail in the guidebook, too.

If you have any other questions, and you purchase the guidebook before May 1, you’ll get to ask me those questions in an exclusive live Q+A session!

I’ll schedule it later on in May so you have a chance to go through the guidebook before you come to the session. And if you can’t make it live for any reason, I’ll take questions ahead of time and send out the recording once it’s over, so either way you can have the full benefit of asking me anything at all about working as a Virtual Assistant!

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