About Jess

Photo Apr 02, 4 57 14 PM (1)Hi! I’m Jess.

I help small business owners focus on the heart and soul of their businesses. I ran my own online creative business for four years and I have worked with other small business owners to to help their businesses grow and thrive.

When I wake up in the morning my very first thought is – COFFEE. I have to hit the ground running in order to manage all the facets of my life, and caffeine is an essential part of that process, I’m not ashamed to admit! As soon as that once-daily cup kicks in, so does my To Do list – I mentally start to run through my plan of attack for the day.

Every day is a balancing act – starting with client work early in the morning, when the house is quiet and I can really concentrate. The kids get up and ready for the day while I’m working, and I’m so grateful to have two older ones who can help the youngest one with his needs so I can stay in my office and be productive. By 9 AM I’m shifting gears, taking off my Boss Lady hat and replacing it with my Helmet of Homeschooling. The kiddos and I do the school thing for the rest of the morning into mid-day, and then in the afternoons it’s anything goes: appointments, meet-ups, client calls, and play time. Anything and everything finds its way onto the schedule, and it’s different every week.

In my world, an amazing planner + a set of fun pens are an absolute necessity. (In fact, I recently fell down the Bullet Journal rabbit hole and I don’t think I ever want to climb out!)

“Busy” is overrated, and “overwhelmed” is a definite NO.

Fantasizing about running an empire is totally acceptable; but striving for balance between the things that matter most to you is a MUST. At the end of the day, what’s important is knowing that you did your best and you put good work out there.


Jess supports without pressure. She has a perspective that is both inside and outside of my business, and helps me move forward in ways that are more fun than when I was doing it alone.
I trust Jess’s instincts and taste and skills. I’m really a control-freak about my work—and at the same time, I love collaborating. Miraculously, working with Jess accommodates both those sides of me! – Deborah Robson, The Independent Stitch

I am the MOST in my element when I’m talking to a client about her next Big Thing – we’re planning it out, running through all the possibilities and the ways it could eventually grow, and it’s extremely energizing. Sometimes we’re so in the groove that I can barely type fast enough to get down all of our great ideas.

The thing that makes me cringe more than anything else is when I see typos and grammatical errors on a launch page. (Yikes.) I’m a big fan of felt tip pens and proofreading. I’ve been a teacher in a variety of situations and I absolutely love showing others how to travel down a path I’ve been down before.

My clients are my inspiration – more than anything else, I care about helping them to succeed on their own terms and to get their own personal brand of awesomeness out into the world. It’s a privilege to be part of that process.

When I die, I want people to say that I blazed my own trail to success in order to really be there for the people who mattered to me, instead of following someone else’s cookie-cutter formula for “success” that didn’t work for my life. Also I want my gravestone to be spell-checked. Carefully.

I now cannot imagine trying to run my business without Jess. She is not just a contractor that helps with non-essential items, she is a valued team member that is key to my business’ overall success. – Gwen Bortner, GwenBortner.com

Why hire me?

I’ve been working with small business owners for over 6 years.

Before that, I worked as a professional writer and I ran my own Etsy shop selling hand dyed yarn & fiber.

Before that, I was a high school English teacher; I’ve got two graduate degrees in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Balancing multiple roles is my specialty; I’m a wife, mom, homeschooler, business owner, and a person with many hobbies. Put my balancing act to work for YOU!

You deserve someone who geeks out over your business and helps you learn to run it like a well-oiled machine, instead of being run over by all the different items on your To Do list. Are you ready for some help? Choose an item below to get started.

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