Virtual Assistant Specializing in Content

Welcome Dreamers, Doers, and Empire Builders in the NeedleArts industry!

Wouldn't it be great if someone else could just take the content writing for your business off your plate every month?

You want to build a business that supports the lifestyle you're after, you can't do it all yourself. I'm here to help.

You know you need to communicate with your audience on a consistent basis, if you want to keep them engaged, grow a tribe, and sell more products or services. The problem is, you're running out of time. Every. Single. Week.

Your To Do list is a mile long and it feels like it takes you foreeeeeeever to pull together a newsletter or a blog post. Even though you told yourself that THIS quarter you were going to write those more consistently. Post regularly. Send on time.

The thing is, your plate is really full already. You're trying to do too much, and you're limiting your success because of it.

You're probably putting off your blog posts and newsletters because, either you hate doing them in the first place (writing isn't your thing), or you like doing them but they just take so much time!

That's where I come in.

I write newsletters and blog posts all the time. It's one of my favorite things to do! I write them for magazine publishers, teachers, coaches, bloggers, Makers and artists. I write them for my own blog here on the website, too! I love them. I have a background in English and two graduate degrees in Education, so what I really love to do is to write and teach. If you've got content that needs writing and an audience just waiting to be educated, I'm your gal.

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Your writing is really good. When I read the first email you wrote for my company, I thought, Yep, that’s my voice!
Angela Smith Owner, Purl & Loop

A checklist! Not just a list but a checklist! You are a godsend! Now back to reading.

Lea-Ann McGregor Knitting Instructor,

I have 2 potential [new hires] as of today after 6 interviews! Thanks so much for all of the help! (Karen and I worked together in a 1:1 consultation to help her figure out how to hire a Virtual Assistant.)

Karen Whooley Crochet Designer + Teacher,

I’ve been thinking about having someone write my listings for a while because I was struggling with getting something that was well branded. Jess surpassed everything I was hoping for. I’m delighted with her work and with her communication. She made the whole process easy for me.

Dawn Indie Dyer,

I now cannot imagine trying to run my business without Jess. She is not just a contractor that helps with non-essential items, she is a valued team member that is key to my business’ overall success.

Gwen Bortner Teacher + Consultant,

I was trying to do it all (like most of us do when we start out), but I knew that I was seriously lacking in some areas. Jess’ skills matched almost perfectly to the areas I needed to supplement.

Gwen Bortner Teacher + Consultant,

I trust Jess’s instincts and taste and skills. I’m really a control-freak about my work—and at the same time, I love collaborating. Miraculously, working with Jess accommodates both those sides of me!

Deborah Robson Author + Teacher,

Jess supports without pressure. She has a perspective that is both inside and outside of my business, and helps me move forward in ways that are more fun than when I was doing it alone.

Deborah Robson Author + Teacher,

Jess is the reason my biz has grown 50% every year since I hired her in 2014.

Tara Swiger Author, Maker, + Starship Captain/

Jess has literally made every aspect of my business better. Emails get answered faster and more consistently. Events come together smoother because she’s worked out the templates. My sales have more than doubled because I spend most of time doing the stuff that actually matters (making new products, planning launches, producing great content) while she spends time implementing and detail-finishing.

Tara Swiger Author, Maker, + Starship Captain/

About Jess

Hi, and welcome to my website! My name is Jess, and I work as a Virtual Assistant specializing in content creation (blogs and newsletters).

I work with business owners in the craft enthusiast niche - they teach spinning & knitting, blog about sewing, run yarn stores, publish podcasts and magazines, and coach shop owners. I always tell people that I have the best job ever, and it's all because I work with really amazing people.

I believe that the creative business owners of the world are doing something really magical: they're putting their creativity and passion into products and services, and sharing that awesomeness with the world. It's a privilege for me to support you in doing that kind of magical work, and I hope we can schedule a call very soon.

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Content Creation

Too busy to consistently produce content for your blog, e-mail list, and website? That's my jam! I've worked with industry trade organizations, podcasters, bloggers, consultants, and Makers to create content that connects. Will YOU be my next client? Click the link to find out more.

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Content Management

If you prefer to create your own content, I can help you manage it so that you can focus on the writing (or podcasting, or filming) and I can take it from there. Click the link to find out more.

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Consulting and Idea-Generating

I love to work 1:1 with my clients to help them identify + overcome obstacles, outline goals and To Dos, and strategize the next big thing in their business journeys. Do you need a content consultation? Click the link to book one!

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